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MAJI 同樂會: 10/13 祕魯 Peru

想出國度假卻太遠太貴太難語言不通... 沒關係!

由拉丁人文化有限公司與集食行樂共同主辦的拉丁之月同樂會,從九月起,9/8、10/13、11/10、12/15 都會舉辦拉丁美洲國家主題美食音樂派對,從白天到晚上,而且免費入場!!!

***十月主題 Featuring : 祕魯 Peru***



此次活動由Latinos Taiwan 與 MAJI集食行樂 合辦。我們為唯一主辦單位。

這是本系列活動好評第二發... 記好了:每個月的第二個星期六,一定要來花博MAJI同樂會!!!!

This month we are featuring PERU for Maji Fiesta. Peru is a southamerican country that proudly owns 1 of the 7 wonders of the world, you must come to our event and experience more about Peru!

Latin music, authentic food, live acts and more. This is Latin America in Taipei, amigos! Now invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends, cuz this is a FREE event and totally family friendly. See you on Oct. 13th!

(Next events: 11/10, 12/15, featuring country will be announced)

This event is organized by Latinos Taiwan & MAJI. We are the only organizers. Every month on the second Saturday we will bring you a new experience at MAJI Fiesta!!!!

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